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A Hopeful Update: February 13, 2023
It's Working!! The Turkey Dogs are getting your help!
Thanks to YOU we just wired $1,200.00 to our sister rescue in Turkey as part of the relief effort!
And we are still raising more!
We will probably continue this campaign for  2 more weeks. To all those who have contributed, THANK YOU for helping in relief efforts.  For those who have not yet given, there is still time.

URGENT Update: February 6, 2023
Our Turkey Dogs need your immediate help!

While our sister rescue in Turkey was spared damage in the recent, horrific 7.8 earthquake that was followed by a second 7.5 magnitude shake, all of their food and supplies have been sent to the disaster zone. 

Due to the U.S. embargo on foreign dogs, the rescue is unable to shift Goldens to rescues in the USA and is currently overwhelmed with 80 dogs who have found safe haven there.  Now that all of their food has been sent south, to the earthquake zone, they themselves are in desparate need. 

Fortunately for these furry waifs, the Turkish rescue has a credit card on which they can purchase food; however, there is no money to pay the card.  This is where we and you come in.  Donations made here will be sent directly to our sister rescue in Turkey.  THIS is how you can help with earthquake relief in Turkey.  Dogs need rescue too!

Latest Video10/31/2017

Original Video

Update September 7, 2017
Dreyfuss, Chaplin, Winslet and Bacall.
They will be arriving in late September!
At the end of September we will be welcoming these four adorable Goldens from Turkey. They range in age from 3 to 6. All have had a difficult life, but if they are like our other dogs from Turkey, they cannot wait for a home of their own in America. We will be taking applications. You need to have a fenced yard, no children under 6 and no cats or other small animals due to high prey drive.  The adoption donation for Turkey Dogs is $500.00 due to the high cost of rescue transportation.

Update May 13, 2017

In June, help us welcome
Dickens, Pippi, and Gatsby

Update April 5, 2017

Meet Brooke, Chai, Tetley
and Earl Grey
At the end of April these 4 lucky goldens
will be coming to USA.

We are excited to welcome these Goldens. Named after tea, you may not of heard of Brooke but that was an English tea, Brooke Bond, which now is PG Tips.

Update August 15, 2016

More Rescues
Take Flight!

Hope and Faith are waiting for their trip to America at the beginning of September.

Hope is approx. 2 years old and was rescued from a hoarding house where she was living with hundreds of other dogs.   She is slowly gaining weight at the pet hotel where she is waiting for her trip to America.

Faith is approx. 3 years old.  She was found wondering in the forest and is reported to be very social.   She is presently waiting her trip to America at a small private shelter.

Update February 27, 2016

They've Been Adopted!

Harry (now Barley), Truman, and Bess (now Ginger) have found their forever homes.  See them in the
Happy Endings Archives.  Watch this page as we welcome more Turkey Dogs in the Spring!

Update October 18, 2015

They're HERE!

Our Turkey dogs are here, on U.S. Soil, and four Love a Golden Rescue volunteers were there to meet them at the airport. Imagine the excitement! Our beautiful goldens are Harry, Truman, and Bess.

If these names sound familiar, it is because Love a Golden Rescue decided on a presidential theme in order to honor Missouri. Thus, the names— Harry, Truman and Bess.

Harry (male) is approximately 2 years old, neutered in a municipality shelter and has been treated for mange. He is social.


Truman (male) is very social and was living with many other dogs in a small shelter.

Bess (female) is approximately 1. She was brought to a shelter when she was about 6 months old. There she was spayed. Volunteers refused to leave her on the streets and took her to a private shelter. There she waited for someone to choose her.


When it came time to decide which goldens we would receive, all we had were photos and very brief bios of the available dogs. Almost immediately, we realized that it would be nearly impossible to choose which dogs to save and which to leave behind, so we just chose the first three dogs on the list.

Once selected, Harry, Truman and Bess went to a clinic and received health certificates and passports for travel. During this exam they were very thoroughly vetted. Then, these three lucky goldens were then moved to a “pet hotel” and made comfortable until transport.

Love a Golden Rescue - still an all-volunteer group - is primarily committed to rescuing dogs locally. However these goldens from Turkey deserve a second chance to have a wonderful life, too. The international effort is huge. Already more than seven golden rescues in the U.S. are involved and more are coming on board for 2016. Love a Golden Rescue is proud to be taking part. However, to cover the extra expenses, we must raise funds over-and-above our usual annual fundraising.

To help pay for bringing the dogs from Turkey to America, we're selling T-shirts and hoodies—clothing that was designed by a talented, local volunteer. THIS LINK will take you to our web page where you can see the shirts and hoodies. Turkey Dog Rescue Wear will make great gifts and allow the wearer to proudly proclaim they are a part of this international rescue effort. But please note: the hoodies and T-shirts will be on sale ONLY until November 30th!

If you would prefer to support the effort through a direct donation, you will also find, below and on the web page, the links to do so. Remember there is no better time to “think globally and act locally” than now!


Update August 31, 2015

Turkey Dogs are Coming!

You may have heard about the situation with Golden Retrievers in Turkey. There are more than 500 homeless Golden Retrievers roaming the streets (out of an estimated 50,000 stray dogs - many pure bred), foraging in the forest or stuck in the shelters of Istanbul. The Washington Post, USA Today, CNN (video) and other news outlets have done a good job covering the story.  A golden retriever rescue, Adopt a Golden of Atlanta (AGA), has worked hard, in tandem with volunteers in Istanbul, to implement the rescue of these goldens.

AGA has taken the lead with three airline flights of these rescued goldens referred to as the “Turkey Dogs”. AGA has also documented these rescues every step of the way on a truly heartwarming Facebook page.  In September, another group of these goldens will arrive at three additional rescues, in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Love a Golden Rescue in St. Louis is now partnering in this massive rescue with another Midwest group, Retrieve A Golden of Minnesota. In October, we'll be taking three goldens from Turkey. Our three dogs will be coming to the U.S. with a group of twenty goldens. These are mostly young, beautiful and healthy goldens, however there are some in this new group that are older and have health issues.

Now we need to raise additional funds to cover the travel expenses of these three goldens. If fundraising and volunteer support go well for this initial group, we will take additional Turkey dogs in the future. The good news is that these Turkey dogs will arrive in the U.S. with all required shots and having been spayed or neutered. For those of you interested in providing a forever home, the adoption donation for the Turkey Dogs will be $500.00 and the special requirements are that there is no child under the age of 10 in the home and that there is a physical fence on the yard

Of course, Love a Golden Rescue is a small rescue group made up entirely of volunteers. Even though we're small, we're fierce when it comes to our dogs. While we can't make the same, huge impact like the large rescues can, we know that every Turkish Golden Retriever we can get into rescue in America will mean a huge improvement in the dog's life. Love a Golden Rescue dogs receive top notch treatment. They benefit from the same veterinary care as our own personal dogs. While in foster care awaiting their forever homes, the dogs learn how to live in a house and be part of a loving family. They are petted, groomed and, of course, showered with praise. Not only that, but these particular dogs will also learn English, while their foster families and forever home families learn a bit of Turkish along the way!

Please join Love A Golden in what has become a huge international effort to save these dogs. This is a fabulous example of “thinking globally and acting locally.” Please click on either button immediately below if you are inclined to help financially.



or send a check to:

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We’d also welcome your help in other ways including becoming one our our special "Foster Buddies".  To find out how click HERE! 

If you are searching for a Golden to join your family or if you unfortunately can no longer keep your Golden, we would like to help if we can.  Please contact us at  adoption@loveagolden.com 

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