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Hi, Iím Available!

Love A Golden is a rescue organization based in St. Louis, Missouri. We strive to find the best available home for each individual Golden in our program ~ our goal is finding the Goldenís ďforever home.Ē  If you are interested in adopting one of our Goldens, we ask that you read more about our adoption procedures by clicking HERE and fill out an adoption application.  
We try to keep our listing up-to-date, but some recently available dogs may not be listed yet and some listed dogs may already be adopted.

Click here to learn more about our Senior Life Program.

For additional information about adopting any of these Goldens, please email us at adoption@loveagolden.com

Some of our foster dogs will be at the following events.
If you're in the area, please stop by and say "Hi."

Saturday, October 12th MEET & GREET OUR DOGS!
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Treats Unleashed
11617 Olive Blvd                   Creve Coeur, MO

Saturday, October 26th

Fall Trick or Treat

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

418 South Church Street       St. Peters, MO
Click HERE for Details

Saturday, November 9th MEET & GREET OUR DOGS!
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Bentley's Pet Stuff
6053 Mid Rivers Mall Dr.       St. Peters, MO
(636) 685-0105

Please check the Events for a more complete listing of our upcoming events.

Below are Goldens looking for new homes  

If you are interested in a puppy, please email adoption@loveagolden.com

Click on the photos below to get a full size image of the dog as well as additional information and/or photos if available.

male mix

Seba came from South Korea but it didn't take long for him to learn to sit (for a treat) and he knows "no."   He is estimated to be 2 years old, we think a springer/golden mix.  Seba recently went to a doggie swim party, and although he did prance around in the water, most of the time he went from person to person and group to group getting petted. He's 48 pounds of love.  His foster parents laugh often over Seba's antics. He makes the weirdest noises. Sometimes he snorts like a pig. Other times, he trills like a bird. He is a huge love-bug, and adores getting attention. We don't what his life was like before LAGR flew him over, but we do know he's one lucky dog now... and he'll be even luckier when he finds a forever home.
Click on Seba's picture to go to his own page.

male mix

Frankie is a 9 month old golden/poodle mix (we don't see it either, but that's what we were told). He was born on 12/9/18, and he'd really like to be in his forever home to celebrate his first birthday.  Frankie is on the small side. He weighs under 40 pounds, but maybe that's the perfect size. He's learning how to be a "dog" from the goldens at his foster home, and he's really catching on quickly. Frankie is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly. He would do well with another young dog who will play with him. He loves to chew on stuffed animals and Nylabones, and he hasn't chewed on anything inappropriate at his foster home (except the dog bed that he has chosen as his own). He kennels during the day, and at night. He hopes someday he'll be trusted enough to be left out at night so that he can snuggle up next to his person and sleep. Frankie would benefit from attending an obedience class. He needs lots of practice walking on a leash, and he has to be reminded often not to jump. That being said, he's so very sweet and loving, and wants nothing more than to please you and be right next to you. As with our other dogs, Frankie requires a physical fence, and no children under six years old in his new home.
Adoption Pending

Click on Frankier's picture to go to his own page.


Buster is 9 years old, but still has some puppy left in him that he is happy to display from time to time.  Buster is a velcro dog and LOVES to ride in the car.  He wants to be with you 100% of the time, but when left alone he is not in the least destructive.  He definitely prefers someone home most of the time, but short periods alone are fine.  He is OK on a leash.  He knows his commands but it took him a while to let us know that he knows them - he is a really smart boy!  He has perfect house manners and doesn't get on the furniture or into the garbage (unless you leave the garbage bin open and at his level.) Buster is ever curious and easily distracted by whatever is happening beyond his visual range.  Due to his age, few or no stairs to climb would be great - his hip bothers him somewhat and the time will eventually come when climbing the stairs will be a problem.  He is very food motivated, but does not beg at the table.  He loves people and can get excited meeting newcomers.  However, to his credit, he never jumps up.  If the timing can be worked out, long distance transportation may be available for Buster.

Click on Buster's picture to go to his own page.

Winter, AKA Maddie, came into rescue 18 months ago after spending her whole life as a breeder dog in a puppy mill. She came full of fears and spent most of her time in her crate. Gradually she's been coming out of her shell with the help of her dog siblings. She LOVES to take walks - as long as another dog is with her. She has completed 2 sessions of nose class - her favorite thing to do! She now enjoys hosting human company and lets everybody pet her. She has even started going to Petsmart with her dog brother. Winter seems to prefer men to women , so a home with a man in it would be great. She must have another dog to live with; preferably mature and not a goofy puppy.Winter is a quiet, sweet, gentle girl who will respond to patient loving care. We estimate her age as 7 years.  We think a fresh start would be good for Winter at this time.

Adoption Pending

Click on Winter's picture to go to her own page.

male mix

Cadbury is a sweet dog. I find him very easy on a leash.  He licks but not obsessively. He is absolutely the best bed sleeper. He lays there calmly all night. He has little bouts of energy and barking during the day and I found he easily quiets with a little water squirt. He must have plenty of toys to tear up and chew on. He catches balls well and brings them back. 😊. He loves pulling ropes with you. Heís one of those dogs that if a person was tall enough and strong enough he could pick him off the ground with a rope in Cadís mouth. He lays with his legs crisscrossed, which is so cute. He is great in the car and can travel more than 3 hours quite well. He does take toys from Odin all the time and he is quite quick about it. He thinks all treats and toys are his. I am trying to work with him on this. Odin is so passive, he wonít try to keep it. He just drops and runs. In all fairness, Odin will get a toy and lay it by him and not play with it, seeming in wait to see if Cad will take it. Cad listens the first time and just needs direction. If Odin is still eating when Cad finishes, I stand between them. He doesnít try to get by me-he just waits there. There are bones available to chew on and it hasnít caused any fighting. He isnít a growler-he is just a snatcher.  He loves his water which means he has to pee a lot. He enjoys his outside time and doesnít have interest in chasing critters.   He will make a loyal friend and appears to be very easy to train.

Click on Cadbury's picture to go to his own page.

male Lab

First is Bruce, a senior chocolate lab who was pulled from St Louis County Shelter over a year ago.  His greatest wish is a forever home. Bruce's situation is CRITICAL.  He has been in foster care for over a year.  He is estimated to be a 9 year old and loves to play and run in the yard. He loves balls and toys and is a handsome boy! He has learned that riding in a car is not a bad thing and can now relax while he rides. Bruce does need more practice walking on a leash.   He loves attention and he enjoys meeting people. He is quite a tail wagger!   Due to his aging hips he will need a home with minimal stairs.   He is a gem and has been overlooked for such a long time. He currently lives with a senior Golden girl who he has no problem with; she was there first so we're not sure if this makes a difference.  We would consider an experienced dog lab/golden owner who has an older female.

Click on Bruce's picture to go to his own page.

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